Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gnome Found

Congrats to the Meinbergs the won the 2017 Gnome Hunt! They found the gnome bucket in a flower pot at the caboose.

Here are the solutions to the riddle in the barcodes:

Clue 1: Seek ye the rainbow wizard of Zelda's Zone
Solution: Rainbow gumball machine called Wizard at Zone One Video game store

Clue 2: Best place to find Romance if you are French 440
Solution: Dewey Decimal system of 440 is French Romance. Next clue hidden at library at that number

Clue 3: Park and “Do Your Best”
Solution: Cahaba Lily Park Sign has the words "Do you Best"

Clue 4: Not Old Discord but ...
Solution: Harmony Graveyard historical marker sign

Clue 5: Put your nose to the grind stone
Solution: Sign by the Grind stone in front of Helena Museum

Clue 6: Four Courts but no King
Solution: Hidden at the four tennis courts in Joe Tucker Park

Last Clue: You are at the end of theses train of clues
Solution: End of Train is Caboose. Gnome hidden inside flower pot by caboose entrance

Gnome Hunt 2017 Begins: First Clue!

Best Hunt Ever
It is time for the annual Gnome Hunt in Helena. Since it has been a divisive political year. Let's have a battle of wits where the prize is the Trump Gnome. Some people hate him, some people love him, but who is smart enough to find him and claim victory. It will be HUGE!

A few guidelines:
A sneak peak of the prizes

1.       The Gnome will only hid in public places. It will not be on residential property but somewhere the general public can legally enter. The Gnomes are afraid of dangerous places. They wouldn’t go near them… so neither should you.

2.       The hunt is meant for families so make sure there is an adult in the gnome hunting party.

3.       The clues are QR code form which can be read with any smart phone barcode scanner app. They contain riddles to be solved to find the final location. Please dont take, or move, the clues so others can enjoy the discovery after you find them.

4.       If someone finds it then send me a message and take a picture. So all the other hunters will know to stop looking and be in awe of your excellent puzzle solving skills.

5.       The gnome prize pack will be in a bucket but hidden from view to keep muggles from spoiling the fun with a chance find.

6.       They say the winner of the Helena Gnome Hunt has good luck all year or get a wish granted (not legally binding) but the prize itself is less than $200 because it is meant for fun and we don’t want people to get too competitive.

7. This is not sponsored by the City, in any way, so bother them . It is just something we have done every year as a family activity for the No Sleep in Helena blog. Be safe and have fun!

(Update: I woke up this morning and saw it rained last night so the difficult level just jumped on this hunt. If no one finds the gnome today, I will start posting the clues every hour starting noon on Sunday until it is found )

 Here is the first clue:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Test before the Hunt

The Hunt clues will be in barcode form. Make sure you have an smart phone with barcoder scanner app that can read QR codes. Here is a test code below:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

March 2017 Hunt Theme

Everyone seems political this year, so why dont we come together and do a Gnome Hunt with prizes. Coming Soon this March!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gnome found

Congratulations to The Meinbergs who found it and the cash

Helena Gnome Hunt March 2016 Clue

 The prize gnome has an Irish twist for some post St. Patrick fun. Remember the Gnome hunt is for fun so dont take it too seriously. There arent any rules, just some things to remember.

Gnomes never hide anywhere unsafe, They hide somewhere easy, but we live in the South so spider and animals exist in the outdoors.

Gnomes hide somewhere where the public can find them. They don't go into someone's private property or climb in windows. That's a crime and they know it.

The prize gnome is a gnome house, two brothers, and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Also we have some necklaces, gold coins and green (some real currency). Be sure to text me or email me if you find it so we can let you fellow hunters know that it is over. So here is your clue:

Friday, March 18, 2016

2016 Helena Gnome Hunt

The March Helena Gnome hunt clue will appear here on Saturday March 19th 2016