Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 Helena Christmas Gnome hunt

Gent Looms Strikes
At first I thought it was another HDTV test, but then realized the terrible truth. While we were gather candy at the Helena Christmas Parade, Gent Looms sent the Bumpus dogs to steal the Helena Christmas Gnome right from under our noses. Curse him! Santa has a hard time keeping track of everything in theses small growing towns and the elves asked the Helena's gnomes to help out. So each year the gnomes nominate one of their own to keep track of all the homes in Helena to tell to Santa Claus. Gent Looms, the most indecorous kitten in Helena, has been on the naughty list for awhile now. He must have discovered the relationship between eleves and gnome then decided to ruin Christmas!

Now the hunt is open to everyone but I dont want children wandering the streets alone. So go with a grown-up (Your parents arent that dumb, they just seem that way. When you turn 30, youll realize that they were geniuses). Whoever finds it...keeps it. Hopefully it wont be a muggle who knows nothing about the hunt and tosses it in the trash.

I can't tell you how important it is that we find the Christmas Gnome before Christmas Eve. I need your help. I was able to snag a copy from Gent Looms' diary as our first clue but it doesnt offer much. The gnomes say they will have another clue in 6 hours but they always talk in riddles. Finally the eleves of the North Pole with be using the most advance elvish radar to narrow down the search but who knows when that will have that ready. It is 4 days from Christmas Eve and we have to find him now! Here's the clue:

Gnome Hunt Clue #2
Gnome have scouted out the area and returned with this report. You can never get a normal answer from a gnome. They seemed to think this could lead me right to the Christmas Gnome. Gnomes are very cleaver but not strong so he must be in a container of some sort or otherwise they would have release him themselves.

Marvelous Elves
Gent Looms has been foiled at 12:30pm! The Christmas Gnome was found by a Helenite and put in a secure location! Thank Goodness! Christmas is safe for Helena once again!