Saturday, July 3, 2010

American Gnome Hunt in Helena

In the 1700's, the most popular puzzle was called Rebus. Below is a Rebus puzzle to find Jefferson the American Gnome. Jefferson is over 200 years old and helped the American troops spy on British positions. He was brought to Shelby County by La Fayette, a French aristocrat who served in the Continental Army under George Washington. He was wounded during the Battle of Brandywine. During a great tour of the US before his death he hid the gnome in Helena. Every generation of Helenites has kept the gnome hidden until now. I need someone else to find him and give him a new home. Is it you?

The gnome will not be anywhere dangerous because my children are helping me hid him. If you find him please email me so we can everyone else the hunt is finished. I would love a picture of Jefferson in his new home. One correction (and free hint) to the code. The word black should be replace with the word brown because the Nosleep household did not have black paint for the cardboard box that he is hidden within.
(If you firewall prevents you from seeing the images then you can highlight the blank pages and see the names of the images)
T+two-tw fish-sh+n+cd-c J+eye-ey+leaf-lea+f+beer-be+s+one-e tv-v+heart-art g+dino-di+m+eye-ey one-e tv-v+h+tetris-tetr axe-xe+m+tiger-tig+i+can horn-rn+lion-on+cd-c+axe-xe+y y+two-tw+up-p m+usb-b+t knot-t+w t+hat tv-v+heart-art skull-ull+tie-t+s ear-e+e usb-us+l+up-p+e bus-s+t h+tetris-tetr tetris-tetr record-cord+cd-c+. T+heart-art flag+'+saw-aw star tetris-tetr whool-ool+i+note-no bus-s+t h+tetris-tetr saw-aw+q+up-p+ear-e+e tetris-tetr usb-us+l+jack-j+. H+eye-ey c+wall-w+s i+tv-v a brain-ain+cake-c v+can-c bus-s+t w+hat dog-g w+eye-ey c+wall-w i+tv-v+?