Friday, November 26, 2010

Clue #1 (6am)

The Backstory:
Gnome wives are the rarest creatures in Helena and now they are mad. They have become football widows because all the gnome husbands are watching sports. So they decided to leave home for some fun. No one has heard from them since last week. Can you find them and give them a new home?

One is an Alabama Fan and the other is Auburn. Since they can’t stand each other, they have run off in two different directions. They posted some pictures from their cell phones, while traveling to their hiding place. The clues are in order that they traveled so you may need to see all of them to figure out where their journey ended. They upload 12 photos in all. They will post one per hour.

Remember, Gnomes only hid in public areas in Helena, AL and never, never go anywhere that is dangerous. Never search alone because that isn't fun or safe (goblins you know). Please let us know if you find them so the other hunters know not to continue. It would be awesome if you take a photo of the gnome(s) in their new home. Find one or find them both!

A Special shout out to Blogger Hot Rod for coming up with the gameplan for this blog hunt. I doubt I would have be able to do it without his help.

Alabama Clue #1

Auburn Clue #1