Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 2011 Gnome Hunt Clue

Here is the only clue to the February 2011 Gnome hunt. Remember that a gnome will never hide somewhere dangerous and will only be at a public location (they are sensitive to trespass laws). The riddle has all the clues you need to find it but careful, not everything in the riddle is a clue so you make end up at the wrong place. Don't be surprised if a ballon in the shape of a birthday cake pops up when you find the hiding place The gnome and his prizes are probably worth over $100 which includes a movie gift certificate to see the upcoming Gnomeo and Juliet Movie. It is also in celebration of the upcoming vote for the school tax renewal. So have fun and be safe.

Anyone can play, I only ask that you let me know when you find it so others will know. Since the weather is bad and gas is expensive I will tell you that the clues are not directing you toward a neighborhood name and it is on public property.

Hewy the High School Gnome has no home
He search’d Helena under every stone
He started to think,
and said with a wink.
I will do this on my own.

I will go below but be above ground
I will go to a block but be in
a round

I go to a corner but be at the center
With flowers above me,
I will enter.