Saturday, July 16, 2011

8AM It Begins

Where is Smurfette?
Oh Smurf me! Gargamel and his evil cat are after Smurfette!

Smurfette was made by Garagamel to spy on the smurfs but our kindness changed her heart and I was able to undo Gargamel's spells but he has always wanted her back.

I have sent her to hide with the Gnomes of Helena. Can you help us find her?

Since Gargamel the evil wizard can read theses messages using magic, I can only give you clues but you will have to figure it out for yourself. Please find her before he does!

Smurfette is not on private property but hidden in a public place. Smurfette will not be beside water or near a cliff because that is too dangerous. She will be somewhere safe where even a small child could find her but always bring a grown-up with you on gnome hunts. I can't tell you more but a Helena Gnome will come to you in an hour and tell you where to search next!