Saturday, March 17, 2012

1st Clue

A few guidelines:

1.       The leprechauns are afraid of dangerous places and private property. They wouldn’t go there… so neither should you.

2.       The hunt is meant for families so make sure there is an adult in the gnome hunting party.

3.       Clues come out once an hour, they are 4 limericks , I think you need all 4 to solve it

4.       If someone finds it early, then send me a message and take a picture. So all the other hunters will know to stop looking and be in awe of your excellent puzzle solving skills.

5.       The gnome prize pack will be wrapped in a black garbage bag but with a shiny ribbon. If opened right, a balloon will pop up and you will hear a song.

6.       They say the winner of the Helena gnome hunt has good luck all year or get a wish granted (not legally binding) but the prize itself is less than $75 because it is meant for fun and we don’t want people to get too competitive. Be safe and have fun!

Here’s the leprechauns’ 1st clue

Leprechauns are getting very bold
Taking the gnome to their pot of gold
They put him in a bag
Now that is really sad
Go get him before he gets too old!