Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter 2013 Gnome Begins

Easter Gnome Hunt
There will be only one clue for this hunt.

You need to print it out and solve it before you leave or you might waste a lot of traveling.. A pdf version can be found here: Gnome Hunt Clue One correct, the word "quiet" should be "quite".

This Gnome hunt is for fun so don't get too upset. The adventure should be the fun part and the gnome is only a bonus for one.

Remember that gnomes never hid on private property. They are always somewhere open to the public or on City property. Gnomes like the outdoors and nature. They never go some where dangerous. They avoid scary places like near rivers or cliffs. You should never go alone and children should take a parent. The gnome is in a black plastic bag to protect him from the weather. Here is you only clue. If the gnome is found then I will post the winner here. Good Luck and Happy Easter!