Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gnome Hunt Clue

Remember, this is an event just for fun. It is meant for families or adults so no minors, on their own, can play. A gnome will never be on private property or somewhere unsafe (that should narrow it down). A gnome will be in a clear ziplock bag because of the weather with a couple of extras inside the bag.

If you find a gnome then email me at or tag me in a post on facebook. That way, other hunters know that it is over. 

There is a twist this year since it is my birthday and the 10th anniversary for the blog is almost here. There will be more than one gnome....

You get your clue by taking one of those cheesy facebook-like personality quiz. Remember there can be more than one winner. I will entrust the police chief with the actually locations to keep it honest and safe.

 So are you ready to play?

All Gnomes have been found. Thank you for playing!!!