Monday, November 11, 2013

Gnome Found

Gnome Found as of 7:55 am this morning

Here is the clue translation:

Part 1 (gives general location)

From Disunity (comes Harmony)
A trail he would never walk (narrowed it down to a location near walking trails)
Wood but not a tree (Woodman of the world placed stone logs and tree stumps in Harmony)

Part 2 (gives specific location)

They drew up the fields (He was part of a group that drew up the maps for the fields in Helena)
Planted but never growing (tombstone, graves another clue to location)
Never to be knight (another clue to which tomb, Joseph Squire)

Joseph Squire was one of the few people granted an above ground tomb in Helena Historic Harmony Cemetery and Graveyard. He drew up the mining maps and designed the streets in Old Town Helena. He came from Rochdale England and he is responsible for where the Helena streets and mines were constructed. An important person in Helena History.