Friday, November 8, 2013

Gnome Hunt Nov 2013

In Honor of Veterans Day we will be giving away this Combat Gnome, designed by Thorssoli, in a Gnome Hunt. It is more expensive than past gnome hunt, you cant buy this one around here, but it was worth it. This is a Thank you to all my readers on the Helena blog. The rules are simple:
1. The Gnome is hidden in Helena
2. The Gnome will be hidden in a public place (Gnome don't go wandering onto private property)
3. Gnomes like to hid somewhere safe and wont go somewhere dangerous (so neither should you)
4. Gnomes can't be found unless you are with an adult. It's more fun with your family.
5. He will be in a brown bag (so dont call it in, as a suspicious package)
5. Email me when he is found so we can declare you the winner and end the hunt.

Here is the one and only clue in haiku:

From Disunity
A trail he would never walk
Wood but not a tree

They drew up the fields
Planted but never growing
Never to be knight

Update: Gnome Found 15:45 hours later